Entry for creation burd game Picture

My entry for *ashley-lee

Heres info about the character im submitting.

Name: Shir ( meaning chant/song in hebrew)
Egg of choice: Nail
Age: 20
Gender: female
Height: 5.7
weight: 128

Colors: Her eye colors are bloodbrown, shes a light tan color with golden feathers around her upper chest and arms, and on her sholders they grow more, Her hair is white, while her fingers and feet are slightly discolored from tiny scales. She paints her face with makeup, the only featuresbeing there is her freckles. Shes got long thing nail like nails. Her wing feathers are dark brown and golden.

Physical description: She is a griffon vulture, huge powerfull wings to be used for scavanging and stalking her pray from far above for a long time.

Personality: Shir is very stubborn, and wants things to go her way. She wont let you get away withought a fight and shes fisty when it comes to money. She may not wear any possessions, but shes got a cave full of them, collecting all sorts of beautiful things.
If things get to rough she will back of til it settles, but she wont leave you along until she atleast get some out of it. She refuses to waste time for nothing. She can be very caring if she trust you or respect you. But other than that you are nothing.

A brief history: Her family lived poor and had trouble surviving from having to live away from the cities. They werent welcome there for having to steal to survive. Shir were an expert at this and people grew to hate her more, so she hated them back. Sad and frustrated when her last family member passed away she became worse and its now her lifestyle to steal. The things she doesnt like, she sells for money. Shes never used a penny of it.

Place of Origin: Shes from The Negev desert in a region of southern Isreal. Living so far in the desert and well protected from outsiders.

Mythology: Some look at her as the Siren of the desert, shes dangerous if shes got you by yourself and you carry goods she wants. She usually sings to, but not to people, she sings to the sand dunes to bring her luck in stealing beautiful goods.

Nail egg: shes sharp as a nail, you dont want to fool around to much with her because you might end up being stabbed. Shes also smart but an amature when it comes to relationships with other people. Shes as cold as the metal of a nail, not caring if you get hurt in the prosess. Not having the love and care from outsiders growing up, its very hard for her to be nice when always getting hammered with hate since she was young.
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