The Sandman Picture

This image is based on Morpheus God of Dreams in Greek mythology. And the name of the image stems to the myth of him pouring sand into peoples eyes to make them dream (one myth anyway). It might also have something to do with watching Spiderman 3 last night which was fricking amazing. Anyway, off the point. Sandman appears in the film and the name would not leave my mind while I'm uploading it so thats what its going to be. So there
The colours used were to show a rich gold light source effecting the colours around him (could be the sand). The unraveling material is symbolic to that dreams have meaning beneath the layers. Little demons are supposed to represent nightmares but also the god of dreams brother, Phobetor god of nightmares. The many pots and odd crown are to symplose the other brother Phantasos who appears as inanimate objects throughout dreams. And all the stuff like skulls and butterlies are supposed suggest common dreams such as flight and death.

Hope I didn't bore you all with that explanation. Not sure what else to say.

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Black Pilot pen, Photoshop, intuos3 WACOM tablet, 2 days

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