Lorelei the Hydra Picture

Name: Lorelei
Species: Hydra
Age: Stopped at 24
Origin: Apotos
Element: Water
Quote: " Come to me Hedgehog, listen to my song and drown in the sea you detest so much."

Lorelei, demon mistress of water. She was once a beautiful sea serpant who would sing for fun and was loved by the people of the town, but unknown cicumstances caused her to despise the land dwellers and she aligned herself with the Demon Lords. She still sings, but her voice is capable of mezmerizing men, being under her control and luring'em to their underwater grave. Capable of spawning a total of nine, ferocious serpant heads that can regenrate their heads if slain and can stretch for miles, covering a city in hydra heads.

Based on the Hydra and the singing Sirens in Greek Mythology.
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