The Nightmother Picture

Yes, I know the title is some what Oblivion term but I couldn't think of an effective name so I started reading the Oblivion manual while I waited for this image to upload and there you have it. Nevermind...

I rushed this to be honest. I wanted a much more interesting background but I really cant stand the sight of it anymore so i'm throwing it to you guys.

Its supposed to be the Goddess Hecate from classical mythology. Witch, hag, croan, she has many descriptions but she is said to play a part in illusions so I went with a peacock idea (i know thats Heras bird) and having the same person repeated over and over again . I really wanted to have a go at a night image so this is my take, colour wise anyway.

I never want to draw grass again...

Oh yes, i'll dedicate this one to ShellEy -
Full view please

Mythology series
Lamia -
Siren - [link]
Morpheus - [link]

Black Pilot pen, Photoshop, intuos3 WACOM tablet, 2 days

Thanks for looking
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*sorry if anyone viewed this image when I first uploaded it, I uploaded the Lamia image by mistake. To view the Lamia - [link]
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