The Siren's Voice Picture

Author: Korudon Simpsteff
Cast: Chelsea the Siren Duck, King Reef, the sea witch
Plot: A siren duck named Chelsea with a king duck named Reef, who wanted to live free from royal duties. However, she feared that he wouldn't accept her because she is a siren duck and she will curse him to be a siren duck if she heard her sing. So, she made a deal with a sea witch that she will turn her to a regular duck at the cost of losing her voice. She accepted the deal, however, she was unable to say her feelings because she doesn't have her voice. However, Reef knew that Chelsea was a siren duck just by the look of her eyes, and he loved her anyways; he knows this because he saw her true form when he was young, and vows to gain her voice back so she can say her feelings again. When he find the sea witch, she refused to return her voice, but Reef makes a greater deal by giving her all of his royal fortune. As she gains his fortune, her greed begins to turn her to an ugly hag, so ugly that she terrifies herself and burns herself to death. With the witch's death, Chelsea regain her voice and sing with all her heart out loud. As she sings, Reef sings along with her and the two soon transform into siren ducks. All of King Reef's fortune was sunken to the sea, and they both eloped to Chelsea's home where they got married and lived happily ever after.
Popular Culture: Siren Ducks are from Greecko mythology, and are popular in the series, Sirenia Rock. It is also based on one of the songs in the tale, Fifteen-Hundred Songs.

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