The Heroes of Olympus WIP Picture

Can I just curse the for not saving the text? *sigh* Now I have to type it all again....


Seriously, guys? Group pictures suck. They're SO damn annoying...You have one character merely decent, then you realize you have 6 more to go?! Cruel. I really don't have the nerves for this...
The idea for this is actually pretty old. I had it after finishing SON and knowing all the awesome heroes of olympus characters of the prophecy. But since the seventh, Annabeth, wasn't really sure until MOA came out, I didn't want to draw it and then think "shit, I was wrong after all" when the actual confirmation came. So now that I read MoA (THAT BOOK! OMG, THAT BOOK! I LOVED IT! IT WAS COOL AND AWESOME AND-SO-SAAAAAAD!! I'll shut up now. Maybe) the idea popped up in my head again. I began drawing yesterday and this sketch alone took me around 5 hours...I was pretty frustrated by then XD
Now I decided to upload a WIP because I love seeing them on others and I thought maybe you'd like a say in the process or just see how my sketches look. Or you could tell me if it's that bad I shouldn't even finish it. Should I? :/

About the pic (I'm going to point out some things here): No, Percy isn't going to keep the glasses (is he? Do you want him to? XD). I just drew them because his face frustrated me with the big sketch brush and I was hoping to get a better go later on. Piper and Hazel are not wearing net on their legs, that's just my way of emphasizing shading for their leggings so I don't forget them. Yes, I know Piper's hand posture is weird..I'll probably have to fix that. And no, Hazel's arm is not missing, her sword neither. I just wans't sure where to put both of them, if she was supposed to hold her sword or hold it like Jason or hold Frank's hand? The other two pairs are already holding hands so I thought it would look weird. Piper's thing on the back is the fillhorn she got "for" Hercules. I dunno what exactly Leo is doing but since in this book, he was pictured and saw himself as an outcast (MY POO BB T_T), I decided to put that in the pic. Well, what do you think? Should I finish? If yes, what should I change about anatomy/poses? (no comments on the details please, this is a rough sketch only >_<). I know that Annabeth's head needs redoing and Piper probably too. Oh and don't get me started on Leo....I just really lost patience yesterday and today I had university all day. I'm exhausted okay? XD
Okay, end of rant
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