Siren Picture

Metamorphosis Assignment for Marty Chappell's Image Manipulation Class.

Objective: Utilize your knowledge of masking, layering, and hue/saturation to create a characte rin an environment

I chose a random actor/actress (Natalie Portman) and decided to make herinto a siren, yes she looks like a harpie but that is actually a misconception since i did some research and discovered that a siren is actually a winged bird creature not to be confused with a harpie which are percieved as ugly and grotesque while sirens lure sailors with their beauty. So fun fact of the day there for ya, and the misunderstanding derived from the Spanish word "sirenia" which means mermaid when really the term "siren" to describe these mythical creatures derived from GREEK Mythology

Created in CS5 Photoshop
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