Siren's Song -In Progress- Picture

WOO! I'm finally doing a picture in art that represents my general style and tastes in art. I wanted it to be very slutty, as usual, so I decided that doing a Siren would help me reawaken my mythical roots. I loooove the mythology of sirens and their twisted, seductive nature, so I really wanted to do a pic.

** Please excuse the crappy quality of the picture. I'm doing this on a massive piece of paper, it's gotta be like 25x17 inches or something like that. I dunno, its BIG. I had to take a picture with it with my camera, and It was still hard to get all of it, actually a lot was cut out, and it was hard to get the lighting right while taking the pic...but the edges came out cool, so I left it XD. But I thought I'd put this up and kinda show everyone what I'm working on. This will be done with watercolors and uh, I want it to be totally awesome.

It's a Siren sitting on a rock, wearing something cool and with fishing net over her, some random sea weed here and there. I'm going to draw in a skull, and waves violently crashing against her rock, so the final piece will be awesome!!

Anyway, hope ya like. Any comments or suggestions would help<3
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