Owun-Miri, Lady of the Waters Picture

For one of my finals I created this game called "Phase be to God". It was basically all about story telling through drawing and performance. The theme that I used was Nigerian (specifically Igbo) myth, and I interpreted some of the Alusi

Alot of these are departures from their traditional imagery. Additionally, their descriptions are definitely inspired by their origins (so there is some accuracy/overlap, but some of the backstory I just made up). I kind of ~breathed in their essence~ and then ~exhaled it into the canvas~

In-game mythology:

Owum-Miri is the goddess of water, health, and sexuality. She has many identities and goes by many names (such as mermaid, undine, nymph, siren, etc.). However most know her as a Mami-Wata Spirit. Owum-Miri is simply one face of the collective consciousness known as Mami-Wata. Mami-Wata spirits seamlessly take on each other’s identities like water moving through water. This is why Owum-Miri/Mami-Wata is known across the globe in so many different forms.

Mami-Wata is enthralled with human interactions and desperately craves followers to satiate her curiosity. As a result she often seduces humans and asks them to venerate her. If they are faithful to her, she grants them fertility, good health, beauty, and wealth. Otherwise she plagues them with disease and misfortune.

Sacred Prompt: Owum-Miri favors emotionally charged imagery, drama, and extravagance.


heh, I like this one because of the colors. And parts of it were painted effortlessly. But she's big breasted, mostly naked, and is covered in a large serpent. It's just a bit too typical...but I'm just sticking to some of the traditional imagery haha X]
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