Not human. Picture

...I have never been so acutely aware of the leather coarseness of his skin.
Not human. But not animal.
Physically he is one thing. Psychologically he is something else. I fear I could spend a lifetime wondering about him and never meet with the answers.
“What are you, Creed?” I ask him, not for the first time.

Okay so there's this part where the Siren wants her hair trimmed, because even though she's being held captive by a beast, she still wants to take care of herself as much as possible. She's still a girl, after all.
I feel like YA needs more badass ladies who care about beauty, because it's not a shallow thing to do your hair and makeup, no matter what people say.

Creed and the Siren belong to me, they're in a story I'm writing called Chrysalis Fell, a sci-fi/mythological retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
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