Siren and Inferno Misery Picture

Well, I said that I would draw them and here they are. They are suppose to be Lilith and Blaze's sons. Now here is an explanation on them.

From left to right:

Name: Siren S. Misery
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Dark spirit
Family: Lilith Misery Fenton (mother), Blaze (father), Danny Fenton/Phantom (grandfather), Ember Mclaine Fenton (grandmother), Lucifer Fenton (uncle), Techna Skulktech (aunt), Inferno Misery (brother), Nocturne Fenton (cousin), Cyberia Skulktech (younger cousin), and Gabrielle Clockwork (aunt)

Bio: The son of Lilith and Blaze and the eldest of the third gen. characters, he is the most calm and often the most arrogant out of his third gen. family. He is focused on learning more of his family's history and knowledge of ancient spirits both good and evil and will obtain any knowledge necessary to outwit those who oppose him. Siren focuses on perfection and is less sympathetic towards those that he inflicts pain upon. However, he has a soft spot for Fayina De Neverland (Anya Neverland and Brook's daughter) and is very protective of her, mostly due to the friendship that Delano and him share.

Also, Siren carries a strange dark aura around him and he usually wears an amulet to control the dark magic that he is skilled at controlling. It is also said that the amulet around his neck also contains an ancient demon god known as Malefontes, an ancient demon who once guarded the demon world before the age of the Four Gatekeepers.

Powers and abilities:

Siren has mastery over the elements of fire and ice (from Ember's bloodline and Danny's bloodline after he obtained the element of ice in Urban Jungle). He can also command dark magics and can convert weapons out of fire and ice and has every single one of his family's abilities. Also, like most members of the Mclaine bloodline, he possesses the ability to hypnotize his enemies with his singing voice.

Siren's Song: Sings a gentle song which hypnotizes his enemies and drains them of whatever life energy that they may have.

Frozen Touch: Can cause anyone he touches to become automatically frozen when he touches them.

Inferno Tornado: Engulfs himself in a tornado of hellfire, which burns anything it touches.

Dark binding: Traps his enemies in a large claw made of dark energy and when Siren clenches his fist, his enemy is also crushed by the shadow hand

The Wretched Ones: Breaks his body apart into a murder of crows, which devour his enemies piece by piece.

Blood Chain: Turns the blood in his veins into an unbreakable chain, which traps his enemies and can even cut them in half in a quick and painless death.

The Infernal Siren: Siren's ultimate form. In this form, he goes into a berzerk state and his true beastlike nature is shown in this demonic form.


1. Siren was originally going to be female

2. His personality was based off of Saix, the Luna Diviner from Kingdom Hearts II.

3. His name was taken from a creature of Greek mythology of the same name

Name: Inferno Misery
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Species: Ghost
Family: Same as Siren's family

Bio: The youngest son of Lilith and Blaze, Inferno is a well-trained mercenary with an arsenal of ghost hunting weaponry, despite the fact that it is currently outlawed after the Plagatian incident years ago, he manages to obtain the weaponry off the black market, but he never uses any of the weaponry on a ghost, unless if it was out of self defense. He often gets annoyed by his older brother and is prone to getting into fights with him. Though usually hotheaded and arrogant, he is still very intelligent and knows more about technological mechanisms than anyone could imagine. Not really interested in hunting ghosts, he just looks up to his father as a role model and wants to follow in his footsteps.

Powers and abilities:

Inferno possesses a majority of his family's abilities and even a few weapons of his own. His gauntlets also allow him to remove entities from any person, regardless of their strength. Like his father, he also possesses a matter cube.

The hunter's claw: Impales his enemies with the gauntlets of his claw to remove entities from the host body.

Nightmare Storm: Combines the elements of fire, thunder, and ice into one single attack.

Hell Shield: Creates a barrier of hellfire to protect himself from any oncoming attacks.

Gattling Terror: Turns one of his arms into a gattling gun, which unleashes a barrage of exploding, etcoplasmic bullets.

Mind Fire: A telekinetic ability, he sets his enemies on fire by focusing on causing their body temperature to rise to dangerous levels.

Burning blades: Summons two swords to unleash a wave of hellfire slashes at his enemies and finishes off by killing them with one final strike

Burning Mayhem: Inferno's ultimate form. In this form, he becomes a powerful beast of fire and machinery and gains a much more stronger physical strength and even greater abilities.


1. Inferno's personality is somewhat based off of Axel from Kingdom Hearts II.

2. The markings under his eye are suppose to be lightning bolts

3. He has several tribal tattoos on his arms and one of a demon on his back.


Danny and Ember (c) Butch Hartman
Techna Skulktech, Fayina De Neverland, Brook, and Delano De Masters (c) *pikakitty13
Anya Neverland (c) *Porcelain-Postmortem
Blaze (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Other characters, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock (me)
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