La'k-Hiid Rouses The Whirlwinds Picture

They were playing in the barren realms of wilderness comprised of sand-dunes and towering pinnacles of imposing rock that La'k-Hiid liked to haunt and hide, but Shaifah, the pale-skinned and sun-shy rainforest-dweller got bored so he stirred up the wynds to try and convince the wynd-nymf that hanging out in the desert wasn't all so tiresome....but she's a little hard to please this time...

(-or something like that!?)

I began using phrases like 'nymf' and 'siren' to describe these characters, not in the Greek mythological sense of nature spirits or demons- which concept I am rather averse to- but as the first time I read the word 'nymph' as a kid, and this was in relation to hatchling insects like dragonflies and praying mantids which at that early stage look very delicate and beautiful, even transparent. It is this kind of 'nymph' that I chose to name the characters after, as something beautiful and unimposing in appearance, not any kind of 'spirit' entity. -Just to be clear. La'k-Hiid and Shaifah are both HUMAN in nature, but in this fantastical/fictitious world of mine, the most primitive-seeming are the ones who are most able to weild the natural forces that both shape their world and protect them. An exaggeration of how I see various aboriginal groups today- the few that remain- able to live in remarkable harmony with their natural surroundings, often to the astonishment of city-dwelling folk such as myself. ...And this picture is in HUMONGOUS need of a do-over.
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