Siren Picture

My first Deviation! Yay! ^__^

Made from a friend's (thanks for letting me play around with it, Kinoko!) anime-style picture. This was made with the smear effect, a tiny bit of painting effects (mostly watercolor and marker effects), and some contrast adjustment, in Picture Man Painter.

Frankly, I think it turned out beautifully... but a bit creepy, due to the lack of, um, eyes. Heh. I named it "Siren", because the pose and the neat swooshy-flame effect I got the background to do somehow reminded me of the Sirens from Greek mythology. Or maybe the creepy lack of eyes did, since the Sirens always creeped me out! XD (I love music, so the idea of someone using the world's most beautiful music to lure people to their death is a little unsettling to me!)

If anybody else wants me to do some photo edits, I'd love to oblige, by the way! I'm practicing for when I open my own amateur graphic design service.
Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to upload some of my ink drawings. I did them at work on spare bits of mat board (I work part time at a frame shop). My workplace has a scanner, but I have no clue how to work it just yet. Plus, some of the coolest drawings I've done recently were done in silver ink - often on shiny, textured black mat boards - or in blue Sharpie on this gorgeous, shiny, faux laquer, silver mat board, which gives an AWESOME translucent quality to them. Anybody got any tips for scanning metallic inks or "translucent" inks on shiny backgrounds?
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