Siren and the Kumquat Dragon Picture

Siren is a semi~old character of mine, who is a human who can speak with animals and wields a fire-based elemental magick that is empowered upon her by her ring supplied by the covenant that she and her mate, Thorn, live in. The covenant consists completely of magic wielding women, and Thorn, her girlfriend, possesses the element of darkness. Siren's familiar and pet is a black cat by the name of Thorn as well, named long before the two girls had met, and human!Thorn has a familiar of a giant black wolf named Gothika.

In living in a magick based world, it is not uncommon for the girls to come into contact with magical creatures, such as giant wolves that can talk as well as all forms of dragons, other giant beasts and creatures purely from Arythian mythology. (Aryth=homeland) It is because of a dragon that she comes to have three long gashes over her right eye, which, from the toxic poison of the dragon claws, had turned her golden eye a horrid purple as well as blinded it. Now it is usually completely hidden beneath her hair to keep it from sight, but Thorn occasionally moves it aside to get a sight of her whole face. Thorn is the only one who Siren will let see her scar, however.

Anywho, this leads to the fact that despite her experience with dragons, Siren still loves them, and she is a lover of several species, including the koiryuu, the pygmy, and the kumquat, which resembles a spiny seahorse with moth wings, technically. (, I do not know why they are called kumquat dragons. They are kumquats because that's what first came to mind. Erm.. that's a perfectly decent reason, in my defense. xD) That explains why she has one on her shoulder. :3 As for why I didn't bother to draw clothes, that's just 'cause I'm lazeh and nothing's visible anyway, so why bother? x3;

But there we have it. My first decent drawing of Siren since forever. xD

Siren, Kumquat Dragon, Aryth idea and plots and Art (c) Meh
Thorn, Gothika (c) Arcane/Silvius
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