GreekMythologyCreature:Pixel Picture

okay this is a user test/survey for my vector mobile icons
so mine is based on "Greek Mythology Creatures"
okay please help me out by answering them..

1 - are all the icon consistent?
a) yeah totally!
b) hmm... i think so..
c) absolutely not =3=;;

2 - If i didn't give away what the design really is about, can you guys recognize it?
a) YEAH!! i can!!
b) errr.....maybe...maybe not~
c) i dont know any of it @[email protected];;

3 - are the colours ok?
a) its nice already
b) can change here and there a bit (tell me where, tones ,contrast etc)
c) ugly OAO

4 - can you guys guess which icon is for which use?
a) yep! the green one is for messege and bla bla bla
b) not sure myself...i think the blue is for.....
c) im blur @[email protected];;

5 - how would you rate the whole thing?
a) 8/10
b) 5/10
c) 2/10

6 - have any suggestion for me to change(put background/perspective etc)?

7 - would you use these icons for your mobile?
a) Yea sure!
b) i'd give it a go..
c) no way


See the vector version here [link]
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