AppleDash WIP Picture

Done for the AppleDash (Apple Jack x Rainbow Dash) community. There are three ways people generally draw this couple:

- Full standard pony style
- Anthro pony style
- Full human style

Now I was thinking of doing them full human, but then I thought to myself "Self, Rainbow Dash is so much defined by her love of flying and her awesomeness in that area... so I can't draw her as a non-flyer." I was also very keen to depict their body types, one being a solid worker and the other a keen athlete.

So I decided to go into a kind of fantasy rule set, and working with races. Apple Jack is a Human and Rainbow Dash is a Sirin (Russian myth) / Siren (Greek -- the two have slight differences).

I wanted to avoid giving Apple Jack the same stereotypical 'hick' clothing as is often used and used a modern, utilitarian, yet still feminine style. Whereas modern Rainbow Dash is sleek and svelte in stretch-cotton.

I wanted a playful image, and remembered all that "Applejack, grab my tail!" nonsense fondly... so I had Rainbow grab the ubiquitous lassoo and 'rope her in'...
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