OC Siren Picture

Name: Siren
Faction: Autobot
Alt mode: Modified Lamborghini Gallardo (Italian police car)
Abilities: Tow line/ grappling hook; right arm. Police light/ ambiant lighting and laser cannon. Tone detection (Master lie detector.
Colours: white and blue, like the real thing^^

No, she's NOT named Siren vecause she's a cop, that's WAY to obvious... She used to be a singer... And Sirens are creatures of Greek mythology that lured men to their graves with beautiful song.....

Okay.... a few facts...

1)I know she looks like Prowl... ?No, she's not related to him, that was an accident on my part, go away.
2) Siren is extremely intelligent, but this tends to manifest itself in her skills as an advisor and chase car.
3) She was summoned to Earth for two purposes; One) Prowl needed a reliable assistant.
And two) They needed someone who could keep the Lambo twins undercontrol
4) Siren does both her jobs excellently..

The Lambos loves Siren's doorwings, heck, they love her, she's a Lambo, and cute, in other words, perfect... Not that she really wants anything to do with them... Poor girl has to continually chase after them when they're being idiots, and on her time off they're following her around.

Siren is more adaptable to random events than Prowl, but she lacks his cool and collected logic; she relies heavily on the more tactically-minded Autobots around her, because they just arn't her strength...

Hobbies: Racing (HA! Although she -usually- stays on a course, she uses the exuse to catch speeders to go fast though^^) She loves singing (Although she's sometimes a bit self-concious nowadays, being a warrior now) and is fond of (oddly enough) martial arts...

Siren's rather small, but she doesn't let that stop her. She's had to drag the twins back to base a few times for punishment detail... One of the funniest things out there is to watch the poor Gallardo drag an angry contach backwards with her tow line whilst he's furiously rving his engine.
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