Sea Sharp Picture

Mohahaha! my comic!! Hehehehe! Its about a little shark girl, kaede caraway, from the swiftwater pack (mako shark!) or, well, whats left of it. Overfishing (where did dinner go?), global warming, and then some very determined must-have-sharkfin hunters eventually drive kaedes father to bring them into the safety of the deeps cuz it is most definetly not easy for a single mako shark dad to hunt for both of them 24/7 in such dangerous waters. Maybe if they were tiger sharks or great whites, but not as makos.

But, thats not to say the deeps are all that nice for their kind either. Other mermaids are…eh

Sharks as a general rule arent well liked in mer-society. They eat fish for poseidon’s sake! (Traitor!) That and the little obsession with blood…
Yeah, ok, so thats some food for thought, some background info for the story.

I got the other pages up too!
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