Crossroads spoiler Picture

you have NO idea how long this took

This is a creature i worked on last night after Maths revision.

You know who Ray and Jen are. so i'll explain the creatures.

They're called Serins (based on the sailors mythology of beautiful woman that sang and entranced men to drive their ships into rocks for the crack of it) They tend to lurk around Dark and damp buildings and only tend to show themselves after it's rained. They seduce Males with mind controll and singing to eat them (and for the crack of it) and are formed as beautiful woman with ribbon like arms and legs.
The only way they can be killed permantally is by direct sunlight (and considering the sky is covered up by a thick layer of black clouds in Crossroads of Nightmares- so everybodies screwed)
A gun shot to the head would only kill it for about 20 seconds.

anyway. later dudes.

Rayman: M Ancel (C)
Sirens and Jen: B Wood (C)
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