Medusa and Siren Wallpaper Picture

okay this is a user test/survey for my vector icons
so mine is based on "Greek Mythology Creatures"
okay please help me out by answering them..

1 - are all the icon consistent?
a) yeah totally!
b) hmm... i think so..
c) absolutely not =3=;;

2 - If i didn't give away what the design really is about, can you guys recognize it?
a) YEAH!! i can!!
b) errr.....maybe...maybe not~
c) i dont know any of it @[email protected];;

3 - are the colours ok?
a) its nice already
b) can change here and there a bit (tell me where, tones ,contrast etc)
c) ugly OAO

4 - how would you rate the whole thing?
a) 8/10
b) 5/10
c) 2/10

5 - have any suggestion for me to change(put background/perspective etc)?

6 - would you use these icons for your mobile?
a) Yea sure!
b) i'd give it a go..
c) no way
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