Song of the Siren by A.Harrison Picture

A massive thank you to the Wonderful Grace Nuth and the very talented Heather Winniestaffer for letting me use her original source photo for this Art work.Again hand drawn on the Apple Ipad using the Brushes App.The Greek myth the Sirens as long been a favourite of mine .And was the inspiration behind this painting.This has taken me over three months on and off to draw and a near disaster at the end i deleted the picture. luckily for me i backed it up a week earlier.
In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Roman poets placed them on some small islands called Sirenum scopuli. In some later, rationalized traditions, the literal geography of the "flowery" island of Anthemoessa, or Anthemusa,[1] is fixed: sometimes on Cape Pelorum and at others in the islands known as the Sirenuse, near Paestum, or in Capreae.[2] All such locations were surrounded by cliffs and rocks.
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