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I'm still on my sketch binge, and this is one of the most recently completed sketches I've done, putting the finishing touches on it only today. I decided to upload this one in particular because of two factors:
-newly designed/created character in my growing list of characters
-1st attempt on her second design won me over enough to post it.

Introducing Siren, one of the three Creative Muses (the two others are that of Art and Dance, respectively), who specializes in all things relating to music and sound. She has a general appreciation for any type of music, and can find a beat and melody in almost any simple noise, such as footsteps or even a sneeze.

Along with a well developed sense of hearing, she also has the ability to play virtually any intstrument, though her personal favorites are the flute, piano, and spanish guitar. She can also sing in several different disciplines and ranges of a feminine voice, going from opera to R&B or pop to hymn with little effort.

Most of the music that she composes is improvisational; how she feels emotionally is a great factor in determining the overall outcome of a song. For example, if she's stressing on one particular event or thought, there could very well be a reccuring chorus in her melody. The type of instrument can sometimes que her listeners in to what she's feeling, such as playing a violin signifies sadness (or sometimes sarcasm), as the strokes required are long and slow. Also, as is the case with improvisation, the melodies that she plays of her own composition are rarely ever the same.

Together with her music and emotions, she has an almost mystical effect on her listeners, as they can feel how she feels at any given moment and see what her music is trying to convey as it applies to them - like a tragic love ballad showing the struggles of an ill fated couple could very well make you see you and/or your signficant other acting it out with such an intensity that you're moved to angst and despair.

Although this and her music instruction are what she is known for on Atlantis (her concerts are always packed to capacity), her significance to the storyline is that she happens to be the long time friend and later mistress of Solomon Torinai (Solin's father), which started around the time Serenity was charged with protecting Sora Rai...

While she wouldn't be called a chaste person (as she's had her share of flings and affairs with some of her 'admirers'), she's particularly torn between her love of Solomon and respect for Serenity, who she had also known and was friendly with for quite some time.

Yet, they continued to see each other until one fateful event - she became pregnant with his child.

This holds a good amount of signficance in the fact that she had previously been advised not to have children, as a sound related accident (taking a direct hit/force from a high decimal amplifier during a practice recital) had left her reproductive system in a fragile state. Any attempt at conceiving and carrying a child to term was suspected of failing...

She takes a leave of absense from him (and Atlantis) and returns shortly after having the child, a girl who she named Zira. While initially happy about her child, she also realized she had the heavy burden of telling Solomon and the possible rejection that could follow - Serenity's apparent disgust/anger towards the both of them (and the child), a falling out with Solin (who she happened to be the godmother of), and the almost certain permanent 'stigma' concerning Zina, as illegitimate children born to one party in a marriage is highly frowned upon on Atlantis. (Though ironically, Atlantica and her sister fall out of this category - her parents, while lifetime partners, never formally got married. So, as they seemingly have the right to leave and go as they please, any resulting children are deemed as socially acceptable).
Overly frustrated with the situation and barely a few weeks after giving birth, she eagerly jumped back into a massive schedule of performances to ease her mind, one of which Solomon happened to be attending (a mixture of missing her music and her, as well as being curious about her sudden disappearance/reappearance), and happened to collaspe in the midst of it.

Solomon rushes to her aid, and when in treatment, it is revealed to the both of them that the strain of carrying and having her daughter has taken its toll on her body - internal bleeding that was so intense that no amount of technology could save her.

As she slowly begins to pass away, she finally gathers up enough courage to tell Solomon about their child, to which he doesn't initially believe, as he thought that she had been made completely sterile from the accident. Yet upon seeing her for the first time (bearing a sharp resemblance to his own self), he fell into a state of shock, but snapped out of it long enough to listen to Siren's wish that he find her a good home, stating to him that it would be near impossible for her to grow up under his watch without feeling the scorn of harsh public opinion.

Saying her last goodbye to both her daughter (in the form of a soft lullaby) and to him in the form of one last kiss (as she lost her voice while professing her love to him), she slipped away.
Over come with grief more than anger (who wouldn't be pissed about a child they never knew about?), he decided right then and there to take responsibility and raise their child, regardless of what may happen in the future. This was evident when he renamed her Celeste, as he felt that her mother had performed and composed some of her best works while gazing at the moon.

(Also, Zina is an Arabic term for 'lust in sex,' or extramarital sex, which was a blantant indictication of how she came to be to any well versed Atlantican.)

But while he had taken her into his care, he was also trying to mask the truth/child's origin from his wife, which ultimately failed as Celeste already bore quite a resemblance to him (and even Solin) to a degree...

Ultimately, the revelation and discovery of Celeste's kinship to both her husband and son was one of the last things to break Serenity's will and spirit, as she commited suicide in the mist of her rage and dispair (while also having the slight knowledge that she may have very well been and was in fact pregnant).


One of the deepest character descriptions I've typed up thus far, as I've been primarily going back and adding some form of depth/tradegy to some pre-existing characters.

Also, I named her Siren after the mythological sea maidens of the same name, who sang so beautifully that sailors who wanted to hear more/get closer to them shipwrecked their vessels along the jagged edges of the island they enhabited. While I hinted at Siren having almost the same effect on her listeners/audience, she doesn't do it with ill thought/will as some of her mythological counterparts have been known to do.

Siren is © to me. No stealies!!
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