A Desert's Siren Picture


"When you are but stranded in a desert, beware..
for you shall be the prey of a siren.
She stings as a scorpion,
sings like a bird,
haunts you with her words.
and kills you with a smile. "


Sup?! This is my entry for sakura02 's Halloween contest.... X_X
Theme was to either make J&Y characters cosplay/cross-over with other characters ... OR HAVE THEM IN AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE (which I definitely chose~ ).

They're actually older here, you can say in their mid 20's..
Here's their roles in this story/picture:

1.Yusra: The niece of a successful female merchant from the proto-Arabian peninsula. Yusra is able to speak to Jinn (demons)and see them, as well as play the flute. (-she's a bit daring here, and rather tough due to the desert's effect on her-)

2.Yusuf: Son of a farmer, yet his tribe's best soldier and knight. He had killed a Jewish man (who turns out to be Yael's older brother) in a war against a Jewish tribe.

(There was no Islam at that time you could say... that's why Yusra plays the flute and her veil isn't properly worn XD)

3.Mary: A Christian exorcist, sometimes cross-dresses as a boy for her to be able to work with people freely without having people talk about her, or tame her because of her gender. She is adopted by a well known priest in proto-Rome, Theodore Dixon.

4. Yael: A Jewish woman who was raised in proto-Roman Judaea but moved to a city in proto-Arabian peninsula with her family. She escaped back to proto-Roman Judaea when her older brother was killed by Yusuf, swearing to avenge her brother's death. She seeks Joseph, a childhood friend of her's help to regain magic to the Jewish people. (well it's most definitely she actually wants to kill Yusuf.. )

5. Joseph: A Jewish man who is interested in mythology, books, and astronomy(and cooking). His favorite book is titled "Siren" (which is in the picture above.. title written in Greek) and dreams of meeting a desert siren (-cough- A.K.A -cough- Yusra -cough-). He doesn't like the idea of Yael restoring magic, but is persuaded when his father (who disappeared out of no where) was mentioned. (He is a bit philosophical here, and wishes he was Greek to begin with XD)


THIS TOOK ME A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME ;A; (my eyes are literally cooked)

Joseph & Yusra, all the characters (c) sakura02

art (c) VampirBlood


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