Siren Anatomy Picture


The siren is often portrayed as a cross between a woman and a bird. In Greek mythology, these women would sing hypnotic songs that would draw wandering sailors towards their island, where they would shipwreck and die.

This particular siren has been portrayed as mostly human. The bones in her arms begin to mutate halfway down into the bones of a bird, and at her knees, the skin becomes discolored and rough, becoming bird legs. Her hair grows long, though silky and untangled. It flows down her chest and back. From her hips hangs a thread of feathers. Despite her bird-like appendages, she cannot fly.

Though they possess seductive faces, they are creatures linked closely to death. The men who hear the siren's song lose control of themselves, like an insect drawn towards a light.
If someone were to escape from their song, the Siren is then sentenced to death themselves, often drowning in the waters surrounding their island.

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