Siren Socket Picture

Bausch and Saurus's bouncing baby boy, Socket! Born from their raunchiness [link]

Name: Socket
Title: The Dipshit
Nickname: -
Age: 12
Height: 6"1
Weight: 128 lbs
Skull: Bull Terrier/spiny dinosaur
Build: spindly, lanky
Orientation: submissive(too stupid to be dominant)
Mate: -
Partner(s): -
Personality: Friendly, silly, none-too-bright, bumbling
Parents Bausch[link] , Saurus[link]
Offspring: none

Socket is quite possibly the least intelligent Siren to exist. This may still put him a good many IQ points above even the smartest human, but he's still a bit of a wet match.
Having said that, his love and affection know no bounds

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