Siren Mermen Edu Falaschi Picture

Siren( Mermen ) / Edu Falaschi
(vocal of Angra)

acrylic color,
traditional hand-drawing.

55 X 40 cm
almost 6 hrs.

One of my 2012 calendar illustration.
Combine my fav rock stars and Greeks(and Romans) Mythology !

Jimmy Page-Led Zeppelin
Jeff Beck-Jeff Beck himself
Eric Clapton-Eric Clapton himself
Jimi Hendrix-Jimi Hendrix himself
John Lennon-Beatles
Michael Jackson
Jim Morrison-The Doors
Axl Rose-GNR
Edu Falaschi-Angra
Rafael Bittencourt-Angra
David Bowie-David Bowie himself
Mick Jagger-The Rolling Stone

The Sirens of Greek mythology are sometimes portrayed in later folklore as fully aquatic and mermaid-like; the facts that in Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Portuguese the word for mermaid is respectively Sirena, Sirène, Sirena, Syrena, Sirenă and Sereia, and that in biology the Sirenia comprise an order of fully aquatic mammals that includes the dugong and manatee, add to the visual confusion, so that Sirens are even represented as mermaids. However, "the sirens, though they sing to mariners, are not sea-maidens," Harrison had cautioned; "they dwell on an island in a flowery meadow."[5]

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