Siren Picture

Siren is an original character created by Sayoko--for her Teen
Titans fancomic. Just wanted to say that I didn't create this character, so all kudos go to Sayoko
I got a little tired of doing just cel-shading... so I blended it together with soft shadows. I kinda like the effect it gives, mostly because it's different, lol. I put a lot of work into the lines in this drawing, tried to get them to blend well with the colors... It was exhausting/time-consuming, and I still have no idea how other people do it XP.

The original picture was huge. I shrunk it down so you could see the entire scene; it sort of loses its effect otherwise.

Edit: I just realized the positioning of her eyes is really odd... I wish I could go back and change it.


Original Character - Siren © Sayoko

Art © Blue Ten
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