Sirens Picture

I made this sketch when I was in Grade 8...
I'm uploading it now because I think it looks kinda cool.

Ho'kay. As we all know, sirens are mystical creatures in mythological literature which are well known for luring men in with their alluring voices.
In my PS2 game God of War, I thought it would be very fun to draw a siren because one of my favourite parts in that game is venturing into the desert of lost souls to slay 3 sirens. The cool thing is that you have to follow their voices in order to kill them...Sometimes it takes a while, but that's what makes it fun. As a matter of slaying it, you have to weaken it, grab it, and follow a sequence of killing methods in order to snap her's actually quite fun.

Heh...this is the concept sketch of a siren in God of War.
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