The Song of the Sirens Picture

In Greek mythology, Sirens were part human, part bird. They lived on a rocky island in the middle of the sea, possibly near Italy. They sang melodies so beautiful that sailors passing by couldn't resist getting closer to them. Following their song, the sailors would steer their ships towards them or jump in the water to get closer. Either way, it always ended in disaster on the rocks. That is why the island where they lived was full of shipwrecks.

That was just to explain the title. The more down to earth facts say that the tanker Africa fell into a storm on a night of December 2003. The strong winds and powerful waves made sure that it was its last pass from the island of Milos. And frankly, standing there on an August morning with the wind trying to sweep us off our feet and the waves crashing all around us, constantly spraying us with seawater, this second version seemed much more plausible. But then again, looking back at the memory of that day through the filter of nostalgia I could swear there was a haunting song hidden in the howling of the wind…

Location: Sarakiniko Bay, Milos Island

tech stuff

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Tokina 12-24 @ 12mm
Shutter Speed: 60 sec
ISO: 200
Filters: Lee 2 stops hard grad ND, Hoya ND 400 (9 stops ND)

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