OC: Eurus Picture

Voila~ I've finally came up with a general outline for this character! Gah, I'm still having a hard time with both eyes and when I tried drawing both... it looked like one was bigger than the other (most likely...). Anyhow, you can also see that she's based on her previous picture: [link]

Eurus the East Wind of Misfortune

Eurus has lived throughout 17 autumns and is still growing. While her three elder brothers and her were the children of a blooming writer, their mother was a human with a long and vivacious history in air magic. The writer of a husband knew about his wife's lineage and had the romantic idea to name all the children after the four main winds in Greek mythology. However it seemed as if all of the Atremble siblings never inherited the strong magic present in their mother's blood. Her mother, failing to produce children with the ability to use such a power, was disowned from her family's grace until Eurus' seventh autumn, where Eurus' aunt came by to talk with her mother about the consequences of her mother's failure.

Young Eurus was only but a child back then but her brothers and she felt responsible and guilty that they couldn't live up to their mother's expectations. They couldn't do much - that they knew - but Eurus was still overburdened by her mother's disappointment. It was frustrating. How would they know how to use something so surreal? Their friends and neighbors didn't know much about magic - so the Atremble siblings couldn't fish around for information. They didn't know how to approach such an intangible thing. Yes, it was true that air and wind was all around them. But they could barely grasp it. It was sly and skittish.

Eurus - the most sensitive of the siblings - closed herself off in her room and cried. Things were depressing all around her. Oh, it was perfectly find when it came to family. Her brothers loved little Eurus. Boreas, even though he wasn't the nicest of the brothers, always gave Eurus his portion of dessert. Quiet Zephyr, who everyone thought should be a girl, always gently nudged Eurus along. While Notus had hidden intents, he dragged Eurus on his many dates with other girls - and ended up spending the whole day with the little sister. And so, the little east wind felt helpless. She, who was spoiled by her family, could also do nothing to relieve her mother's grief and cried in her room - wishing to help out somehow.

Her wish was granted or, rather, the sadness was potent enough to tap into her latent magic and awaken it. Her first experience with magic became a wild one. Papers, toys, and trinkets all flew around her room. Things collided into the walls, strewn across the room, and broke through the windows. Her mother and aunt, who were talking on the patio, saw Eurus' flower vase thrown out the window. They were shocked and ran into the house and up the stairs only to find young Eurus in the midst of an indoor tornado - crying. Her mother rushed into the middle of the fray and beheld her daughter and calmed the young girl down. Things didn't settle though in the household. Her aunt drew in a breath of relief and pointedly looked at the mother.

Both the mother and the aunt knew what was to come next. Eurus had to be sent to her grandparents' manor to be trained to use her element - air. At first the mother refused to hand over her daughter - she was already a rebellious child as she married a regular non-element user and was not as confined to the rules as the aunt was. However Eurus tentatively poked her head out of the crook of her mother's neck and asked the aunt if the rest of the family will not disown them. The aunt nodded her head and took Eurus the next week.

Since then, ten seasons have passed and Eurus has grown into a mature woman with a dark visage. Her black hair falls passed her shoulders like a cloak to separate herself from the world. She, the unlucky east wind, gave herself for the respect of her family and her once happy purple-hued eyes now emits a mischievous smirk. Although she is financially set, her present state of mind is stark and icy even as she's transferred to Semele High for a continuation in her training. Still she knows better than anyone that the eyes of her family are relieved from her shoulders. And so, the stare of her lavender eyes beckons those who would like to challenge her to a round of poker.
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