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Puca Page 1 - LLS

Once upon a time I got a great idea in my head to draw a short wordless comic about a Rabbit Puca visiting a girl in the middle of the night and whisking her off on an adventure.

This was mabey circa 2002 or 2003 if the dates on the original files were correct. I was probably thirteenish at the time.

Today,l I was digging through some old disks and floppies and transfering things I wanted to keep, and generally just laughing at silly horrible old bitmaps and sprite sheets and 'web site' layouts (read: horrid copy paste messes in Paint Brush because I hadn't the slightest idea what HTML was) I'd made from even farther back (I really REALLY wanted to make a shrine dedicated to The Lord of Nightmares from Slayers, and Sailor Saturn from Sailormoon you guys have NO IDEA.) I found lots of silly old things, includeing a really eye burningly bad paint-fill recolor of Anime TurnPike's mascot! (Please tell me I'm not that old guys, I remember that site!)

One thing in particular that stood out to me however was this small project. I lost interest and motivation two pages in (Typical of me then and now) and it really shows in the second page. I can see the earliest traces of my inspiration from Serial Experiments: Lain, and Yoshitoshi ABe's art in these pages, as terrible as they are, but what really, really made me do a double take and decide to save - and share - these pages with you guys was this detail: This was done all by hand with a mouse on a Windows 98. In Paint Brush. I didn't have a tablet, hell I didn't know what a tablet WAS at the time I drew this. The fact that I managed to pull something like this off with as much detail as it has astounds me!

So I hope you enjoy this little story, and this weird ass peek into thirteen year old me's grand comicking career, and my apparent magical Pbrush skills obtained through countless wasted hours spriteing and editing screencaps from old anime.


Art (C) Larkas

Trivia: LLS was my old screen name on a forum I forget the name of, it was dedicated to various anime and I was one of maybe three Slayers fans there, it was basically 'Little Lon Sama' for The Lord of Nightmares from Slayers sercond season, and my faveorite god of the Slayers mythology.

I know. I was silly. But weren't we all? *Ducks thrown tomatoes*
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