Marina Hallowell - Ocean Secrets Picture

Third Mermaid Oc

Pod: None,
Rank: Rouge,

First Name: Marina,
Middle: Opal,
Last: Hallowell,

Age: 22,
Sex: Female,
Race: Merfolk,
When Human: White / Cherokee Decent,
Breed: Mermaid,
Class: Folklore & Mythology,

Date Of Birth: December, 31st, 1990,
Zodiac: Capricorn,
Ruling Planet: Saturn,

As A Human :

Hair: Long Waist Length Blonde,
HighLights: Aqua Blue,
Eyes: Crystal Blue,
Skin: Milky Tan,
Birth Mark: Crescent Celtic Moon On Back,
Height: 5'11,
Weight: 200,

Style: Normally what ever i can find on the shore line or if i can find human clothes, or given human clothes, from strangers though i have trouble trusting people who give me clothes specially when my tail fades i'm naked. -_-


As A Mermaid Creature Of The Deep:

Sea Name: Mermaid Opal,

Age: 22,
Sex: Female,
Breed: Merfolk,
Class: Mammal,
Human Name: Mermaid,

Lives: Native To Bahamas,

Behavior: Slightly Social, Shy, Cautious, Gentle, Sometimes Protective, Lazy, Love's To Surf The Reef, known to be the most intelligent of all mammals. She can be very aggressive if needed.

Diet: Fish, Shellfish, Crabs Etc

Body: I have a long tail, and a large fluke with a drag fin,

Colorings: I have a multicolored iridescent tail, with sea foam greens, lavender's, pinks, blues etc,

Soul Mate: Not interested,
Merbabys: None,

Credit Neptune's Daughter ~ Mermaid Dress Up

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