Aegeon Flag Picture

Aegaeon, is a natural satellite of Saturn. Its discovery was announced by Carolyn Porco of the Cassini Imaging Science Team on March 3, 2009, from observations taken on August 15, 2008.[1

It is named after Aegaeon, one of the [hecatonchires].[3

The [Hecatoncheires], or Hekatonkhires, were figures in an archaic stage of Greek mythology, three giants of incredible strength and ferocity that surpassed that of all Titans whom they helped overthrow. Their name derives from the Greek ἑκατόν (hekaton; "hundred") and χείρ (kheir; "hand"), "each of them having a hundred hands and fifty heads" reports that the three Hekatonkheires became the guards of the gates of Tartarus.
In Virgil's Aeneid (10.566-67), in which Aeneas is likened to one of them, Briareus (known here as Aegaeon), they fought on the side of the Titans rather than the Olympians; in this Virgil was following the lost Corinthian epic Titanomachy rather than the more familiar account in Hesiod.
Other accounts make Briareus or Aegaeon one of the assailants of Olympus, who, after his defeat, was buried under Mount Aetna

So, I made a lot of hands, with the fire of Hell behind them. Great symbolism for a many armed space station and shipyard like DS9.
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