Homestuck Fankids and Trolls wip Picture

UPDATE 3 - I changed the Saturn (the third one) Today. o u o I like this one better. I decided not to name her Elpsia anymore, so I have to find something that's related to Saturn. OTL And a Name for the Venus troll (orange one). I don't know where to search onnnn-- //cry if Anyone has any name ideas for them that would be great! o u o I'm trying to make them similar to their symbols and I don't want to just make something random for them o u o;

UPDATE 2 - I added a new character. c: I'm thinking I'll just add all of these characters on this picture, and edit things. I might change Elpsia's (Saturn)'s eyes because I don't remember where I found it and it's hard to edit with...ouo So yeeah.
For the Venus troll, I took her blood color from a Hemospecturm chart for the homestuck characters, so I'm pretty sure she doesn't have Mutant blood, but she has blood that's almost close to Tavros.
And I guess, since Venus relates to love, she'll be a real hopeless romantic and gushes about even the smallest hint of love? lolidk
And maybe she watches anime (not troll anime or whatever. Is their even troll anime in Homestuck? lol) she downloaded from one of the fankids who sent her the files, which I guess could be Tori (2nd one down).
So I probably will make a few guy trolls tonight or tomorrow. I have plenty time on the weekend to search about the planets and mythology. Ahaah.

UPDATE - I added their god tier and changed some colors up a bit. o v o
I re-took the god tier test for Suzu, and she got Muse of breath..
I couldn't find a base with the hood up for hers, so I just made her hair longer lololol- //slapped

I wass bored and saw some bases and I used them and made these c:
And Elpsia's horns are supposed to go around her head and not sit on the top of her head o u o;; Because Saturn has those rings right? i dunno :c
I might change Tori's design a bit, tooo.. o v o
And Suzu is supposed to have Brown hair, but they don't really have brown hair in Homestuck...right? e u e ehhh.
i'll make some guys later /o/

The bases I used -
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