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Basic Information:

True name: Amaterasu ( A-ma-terr-ra-sue )
Nick name(s): Sloth, Lisky [ Hydra ]
Kitten name: Cerberus - after the mythological creature.

Gender: Female
Age: 0-3 months

Birth season: Winter
Birth date: 3rd of February (2017)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


A necklace that holds a pear cut Nuummite gem with a large snowy owl feather attached | Given to her by Larka Will be worn when she's big enough, it is big and she is smol, kept in her families collective nest for now

• None

Special Features

• Malocclusion of the jaw, causing 'vampire' fangs. (Will become apparent when she gets her permanent teeth.)
• Off-white 'fox' cheeks and a blue hued pelt.
• 'Bags' under her eyes, giving the appearance of perpetual tiredness. The black markings under her eyes are not stripes!

• Non-physical but 'style' characteristics: Cerberus's ears are nearly always kept at halfway, and she basically never smiles (see trivia section.) Her tail is almost always droopy/never up.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau
Japanese Bobtail
American Shorthair
Russian Blue
Australian Mist
Himalayan Lynx Point
Maine Coon

Basic appearance:

Non-striped pelt reference!

Colouration: • Ceberus's main colouration is a dark blue. She has a very light off-white colouration across both of her cheeks in 'fox' like markings, this goes down her chest and stomach stopping at the base of her tail. This colour is also on all four of her toes, going around the back of her legs ending in a slight v-like shape. On the back legs, it goes right up both, stopping at the top of the haunches. She also has a tip of this colour on her tail, and some streaks running across her forehead and down the back of her head/neck and ears. Cerberus also has a very light blue tinge on all four of her legs, and around the white of her stomach. She has a dark black colouration that completes her tail, and appears in various busy mackerel striping across her entire body and legs. She has a chunk of black over top of her paws. It also features on her chin, ears, forehead, back of her head/neck and as a stripe with an extra stripe coming from it that goes from the corner of her eye to the cheeks, edging out as a v stripe on the back of her head. She's also got black freckles over both of her cheeks and nose, with a stripe up her nose and a black 'saddle' on her back. She has rich, tired red eyes.

Body type: • At first glance it is easy to see that Cerberus is not very big, she is the very definition of a runt. This does not mean she doesn't hold kitten chub however, as she receives proper nutrients. It's nearly impossible to tell how her body type will fall in her young age, not helped by the fact she is so tiny. Perhaps she will grow to be small and stocky, or small and lanky. Only time will tell.

Tribe Information

Tattoo: None

Ability: Unknown

Skill Count:
• ?? skills: 0/13
• Soulbond skills: 0/14

Current: • Kitten

Current Tribe: N/A
Former: None
Soulbond: None [ too young ]
Former: • None

Current: None

?? skills:


Signature move
Skills used: • None


[ Blasé ] | [ Candid ] | [ Caustic ] | [ Clingy ] | [ Lazy ] | | [ Obedient ] | [ Obliging ] | [ Stoic ] | [ Strong ]

[ Blasé ]

Cerberus is rather blasé when it comes to most anything, even though she's young and hasn't experienced a whole lot, it is as if she possesses an old, tired soul who has seen it all before. Not a lot phases her, as she stoically accepts most things. Going with her more clingy nature however, she is very possessive of those that she holds very dear, not accepting bad things that happen to them, more than herself. Being taciturn she won't readily offer it all up on a platter, it can be shown through how she acts. It wouldn't take much for her to grow cold towards someone for hurting those she held dear. Not having the time or energy to deal with hurtful personality types, she'll drop them quickly and not look back. Any unrequired drama is not something she will actively seek out and she will not enjoy it if it's brought to her, for her to deal with.

[ Candid ]

Unfortunately, she can be very blunt at times. Tying in with her more stoic and lazy nature, she isn't one to beat around the bush or sugar coat things, it just seems like it is far too much effort. It isn't that she means to offend, or even create hurt feelings, it's just for the fact that she doesn't see it as a problem and does not tactically plan out things to say. More inclined to just speak freely from her brain than think first on whether or not she should actually open her mouth. Although one can assume she's being straight up when she says things, not being one to lie since she finds it too much effort to go through. This does not mean she doesn't care for others feelings, which she does but thanks to being rather open and honest it can seem that way for those who do not understand her. She does not have time to mend bridges when they shouldn't have fallen and often won't take the time to fix what her brutal honesty does.

[ Caustic ]

Cerberus can be very sarcastic at times, when she can be bothered making the effort to banter with someone. She tries not to be sarcastic in a sadistic manner, but this can change if she doesn't like someone. Going with her candid trait, she sometimes doesn't realize she's being too sarcastic or hurtful. Although she's very happy with taking such a thing back, being able to dish it out as well as take it, unless it involves her family. Then she will become spiteful, as it isn't a subject of which to bring up badly with her. Her sarcasim is more of a witty tool than anything she means to use as an offense, if she is making hurtful sarcastic comments about anyone it can only be assumed that she does not like them, or they are very close. There is no in between.

[ Clingy ]

For those who she becomes close with, especially family, Cerberus can be very clingy. She loves physical contact with them, especially laying on them. Unfortunately this can be a good and bad trait. As she finds those she loves very, very important if they do not pay attention to her, or worse if they're horrible to her it would hurt her, very deeply. But usually this is a neutral or if not good trait as she loves those wholeheartedly that she forms a bond with. Cerberus usually creates very strong ties to others, tying in with her more obliging nature. It is one of the only things she's expend energy on, for those who are worth it in her books. She loves being physically close to her loved ones, even if it's merely touching toes (although she'd prefer to just lay on you.) In this expression, it's very clear to see how much she loves someone, she may not say the words but you can take her wanting to be near as a good sign of love.

[ Lazy ]

One of the very strong traits in Cerberus, she is very, very lazy. She would much rather lay around sleeping than doing anything she's supposed to be doing. For a healthy young kitten, she spends most of her time in one spot, not wanting to waste the energy or deal with having to do anything unnecessary. She isn't lazy in the way that she doesn't think that hunting, or training isn't important, it's just the fact that she just finds it too tiresome. There are plenty of others to go out there and do such a thing, while she lays around and sleeps. Perhaps a coping mechanism as well, it helps prevent her from doing unnecessary things that would cause her harm or troubles. It seems that despite her youth, Cerberus has gone through too much in her short life to want to deal with anything. One could say that sloth would be her ultimate sin. It isn't unusual for her to be muttering about lack of sleep while she's doing something that isn't sleeping. She definitely takes her cat naps very seriously.

[ Obedient ]

Perhaps coming back to her coping mechanism, Cerberus is rather obedient for a cat who doesn't really want to do anything draining. Maybe because it is easier to follow instructions than to come up with things and lead. Perhaps it's a way to wiggle out of taking responsibility for things if they turn out sour, as she was only following direction from another. Most likely it's a bit of both. Although this trait can be seen as good, as she is dedicated into doing her task (even though she'll be complaining about it since she wouldn't be sleeping), it can also be negative. Coming around to her stoic and obliging nature, she will put herself in harms way if it is to please those she's close with. Not being very expressive with her feelings, she'll just go along with their plans putting trust into them, again falling back onto them taking the lead and responsibility if things go south. It's hard for someone to find motivation for her if she's not particularly close to you, but under complaint she'll get it done.

[ Obliging ]

As it has been aforementioned, Cerberus is rather obliging. It isn't so much a need to please others that drives her, but a willingness to follow direction to shirk out of taking responsibility and not expending energy into doing anything that isn't required of her. Although she does aim to make those she's close to happy, her main motivation in life isn't to please for the sake of it. She does have depth in knowing empathy, so she can relate to wanting things done a certain way, or just needing them to be completed. As long as she does not take the fall for it, Cerberus will follow direction. It doesn't mean she'll just go ahead and follow anyone's orders, but more those she's close to and/or for her Tribe. She knows this to be important, no matter how draining and troublesome it is.

[ Stoic ]

As she's rather blasé and blunt with things, she is very guarded when it comes to spreading around feelings. What a bother that is, she'd be much more happy spending that extra energy curled up somewhere warm. Although with those that she loves and trusts, she will expend the energy to allow them in, usually shown in her willingness to curl up on you and sleep. She will also go out of her way to be around someone, even if it's just in their vicinity. If she moves herself to be with you, you can assume to be regarded highly by her. However if you cross her, there isn't much luck on you getting back into her good graces. She does not have time to deal with finicky personalities, preferring to deal with straight lined types that she can deal with at face value.

[ Strong ]

Although Cerberus is very lazy, if she so desired she could kick a lot of butt, being very physically strong. Even as a youngster, she's been blessed with quite a good, healthy young body and a deposition for winning any fight she gets into. It isn't very often that she can get riled up enough however, as she's pretty blasé about most things and will take most everything on the chin, as it's too tiresome to get overly dramatic with things. She is also strong in the sense of what she can accept, taking on a lot of burden through her stoic nature. Cerberus will be willing to take on others feelings, she is quite taciturn however in a way that she doesn't often speak or open up about her own. Rather than this being a negative, she doesn't really have a lot of emotion to bottle up. As she is forthcoming with her opinion, she doesn't have a whole lot to hold onto that could be detrimental if not shared. She prefers to show rather than speak, as can be seen through her being clingy and curling up on an individual to show trust and love.

Family Information

Mother (biological): Pyralis | Deceased

Adopted Mother: Larka | Orange-Water | Alive, Water Tribe

Father: Balban | Pink-Light | Alive, Light Tribe



Valak | White-Light | Alive, Light Tribe
Haytham | White-Air | Alive, Air Tribe

• Larka's kitten || Manticore | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter
• Larka's kitten || Kumihos | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter
• Larka's kitten || Hydra | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter


Andromeda | White-Void | Alive, Void Tribe
Claudandus | White-Void | Alive, Void Tribe
Circe | White-Air | Alive, Air Tribe

Orthrus | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | Littermate

• Larka's kitten || Griffin | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter
• Larka's kitten || Laelaps | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter
• Larka's kitten || Basilisk | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | First litter

Mate: None


Extended Family:


• Pyralis's mother || Chione | Orange-Air | Alive, Air Tribe

• Balban's mother || Pertinax | Black-Fire | Alive, Unknown


• Pyralis's father|| Ashon | Blue-Water | Alive, Water Tribe

• Balban's father || Psych | Green-Fire | Alive, Fire Tribe


• Pyralis's brother || L'aang | White-Orange-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe
• Pyralis's brother || Eileifr | White-Blue-Water | Alive, Water Tribe
• Pyralis's brother || Booker | White-Orange-Earth | Alive, Earth Tribe
• Pyralis's brother || Kairos | White-Blue-Fire | Alive, Fire Tribe

• Balban's brother || Saturn | Black-Light | Alive, Unknown
• Balban's brother || Shaw | Grey-Void | Alive, Unknown


• Pyralis's sister || Shiranui | Orange-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe


• Shiranui and Pietro's kitten || Odin | White-Blue-Earth | Alive, Shadow Tribe | First litter
• Shiranui and Pietro's kitten || Nymeria | White-Blue-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe | First litter
• Shiranui and Pietro's kitten || Alduin | White-?-Fire | Alive, Shadow Tribe | First litter
• Shiranui and Pietro's kitten || Raakel | White-?-Air | Alive, Shadow Tribe | First litter

Click here for her extended family!


Best friend(s): Cinnabar and Coltan

Status: Nope

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nope

Sexual Orientation: • Who knows

Current Attraction(s): • None

• None

• None

Heart Chart:

Cerberus's Heart Chart


Unfortunately for her, Pyralis and Balban got a little too close and she found herself going through the motions of pregnancy again. Still reeling from her previous litter, Pyra fretted over what to do with the kittens. Knowing that her aunt was pregnant and due around the same time, a plan formed. Asking that her aunt Larka would take her litter and raise them as her own, Larka agreed readily. Upon birth, one little blue kitten and her sister remained in the world. Unfortunately the toll had been great, Pyralis had traded her life for those of her newborn daughters. Luckily their lives were spared when Seraphiel came upon them. Declaring that she had done as Larka had asked, and made sure her aunt's kittens were safe, Pyralis was able to let go knowing that her grandfather would take the two kittens to their mother. Being taken to Larka and raised by -unknown to her- her aunt, Cerberus is added to Larka's hoard.

In short...
• Pyralis and Balban got too close again causing pregnancy.
• Pyra is not ready.
• Pyra asks her aunt to take them, which Larka agrees, considering the unborn children hers already.
Cerberus and her sister, Orthrus are born.
• Pyralis is weakened due to giving birth, luckily she is found by Seraphiel. She dies, knowing he will give them to Larka.
Cerberus is raised as Larka's kitten.

More to be added later as it happens...


Fun facts
Cerberus has malocclusion of the jaw, causing retrognathism or an 'over-bite'. This has lead to her teeth being placed oddly, resulting in her two upper fangs poking out of her mouth due to misplacement. This causes a 'vampire' look. (When she gets her permanent teeth at 3 months this will occur as her deciduous teeth are too small to show this feature.)

• She is unable to close her mouth completely.

• She has to eat slowly, unable to chew large portions thanks to her retrognathism.

• She rarely smiles, so please keep this in mind when drawing her! Unless specifically stated in an RP or something, assume she is not smiling, but has a tired expression on her face.

• Typically she will drag her tail on the ground, if she ever gets up and walks, picking it up is too much trouble. Since her actual tail is thin (as per normal in cats), there is no damage being done, except for making her tail dirty.

• As an adult Cerberus will be 8" at the shoulder. She is the ultimate smol. Growing large is too tiresome.

• I've basically had her planned out/done since August 2016.

• Although listed under cousins in her family section, Cerberus considers the "dates" litter to be her siblings as well.

Favourite place:
Scent: Milk
Ask blog: askrenatgb.tumblr.com/

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