Legion of Superheroes oc: Nymph Ref Picture

Full Name: Aria Rizlan “Nymph”

Gender/sex: Female


-Nymph (by her family, based off the mythological creature, for her love of dancing, now uses this as her superhero codename.)

-Daydreamer/Airhead (mostly by lightning lad, for her contestant daydreaming/ ability to be distracted)

-Sunshine (sarcastically by Cham and Foxglove at first, while being annoyed at her much to cheery attitude)

-Doll (Hates this nickname, was given to her by a childhood acquaintance, thinks it’s his way of low-key calling her stupid)

-Nym (Everybody, just an abbreviation on her superhero name)

Age: 18 (season 1), 20 (season 2), 22 (season 3)

Birthday: April 4th

Ethnicity/homeworld: Tanarian (Her home planet is Tanariel, a monarchy that isn’t officially apart of the United Planets, but has a strong alliance, business relationship. Almost everyone on the planet controls some sort of Earth substance I.E crystals, stones, metal, sand. Along with another set of abilities that are amplification by their other attribute I.E sound, electricity, fire, wind, ECT.)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5’2 season 1, 5’4 season2-3

Voice: Genesis Rodríguez (Honey lemon from Big hero six)


-Cecile Frome (Biological father, has only every met him once)

-Leliania Jacielle (Biological mother, has never met her)

-Oak Rizlan (Adopted father, close but he tends to be harder on her than his biological children, Nymph greatly admirer’s him)

- Jang-Ji Rizlan(Adopted mother, good relationship, a little strained due to Nymph’s decision to join the Legion, loves to play matchmaker.)

- Min-li Rizlan (Adopted older sister, the only one she still talks to regularly sense leaving home, extremely close though Min-Li tends to be overly critical when talking to Nymph)

Krai Rizlan (Adopted older brother, strained relationship, used to be extremely close, still deeply love each other)


-Ambra Sliania (Nymphs best friend, currently a knight working under her sister.)

- Foxglove lemonadkitera33.deviantart.com… (The Legionnaire who was excepted at the legion audition with her, both being new the two were often paired together on the first few missions were they slowly became friends. Fox often explains things to Nymph, and in return Nymph teaches Fox self-defense)

-Dream girl (Honestly her best friend in the legion, dream girl’s calm personality and gentle nature made her the easiest for Nymph to relate to. Also one of the few people who Nymph trust’s enough to show her artwork)

-Karate Kid (Extremely good friend, and training partners. The two will beat the snot out of each other, then hang out for an hour)

-Chameleon boy (Good friends, tend to joke around with each other more than anything)

-Triplicate girl (Gets along with all three of the Trips, but mostly the white Trip)

-Bouncing Boy (After failing her first addition, bouncing boy was the one who told her what she had done wrong and gave her advice for the next year, greatly respects him, shares his love of horror movies)

-Saturn Girl (Good friends, though Nymph holds a lot of mix feelings toward the telepath. One part of her gets along great on a personal level with her, the other part is wickedly jealous of how perfect she is and of her friendship with Lightning Lad. The last part is a small infatuation/crush on Saturn girl that causes Nymph to become a mumbling mess around her. This crush eventually fades away by season 2)

-Superman (Growing up on stories about the Justice league, Nymph was more than a little too excited to meet the man of steel. Luckily Clark has a lot of patience)

-Phantom girl (Friends, loves hanging out with Phantom girl’s as well as her humor and attitude.)

-Lina Shelina -oc (Close friends, the lead singer for the band Icestorm, Nymph was assigned to protect her during a mission, the two grew close and still talk to this day. Even if she is a lot to handle even for Nymph)

Love Interest:

-Lightning lad (At first Nymph was a little off put by LL and his constant rudeness to dream girl didn’t help either. It often caused the two to butt heads, but after being trapped in a cave on a mission, the two bonded and became friends, also causing Nymph to slowly developed a crush on the ginger. This crush only deepened as time went on, especially in season 2. Luckily she’s a lot better at hiding her feelings towards Lightning Lad than she was with Saturn girl.)

Other Relationships:

-Cosmic boy (Respects him as a leader, but wonders why he has to be so cold sometimes)

-Nemesis Kid (Rivals, his powers don’t affect her as much as the others, and he out smarts her in during training alot.)

-Kell El (Confused by him 85% of the time, tries to be friendly but is met with awkward silence.)

-Braniac 5 (Respects him as a fellow legionnaire, but the two have a tendency of getting into heated debates about religion and magic)

-Princess Projectra (Distain is the best word to describe Nymph’s feeling towards Projectra, and the feelings are obviously mutural)

-Echo (Nymph’s biggest enemy, due to his powers, Nymph has less control of her crystals and sound abilities)

-Grain Maliack (Nymph’s Teacher, holds the upmost respect and gratitude to him. Especially since he is even more critical and picky than her parents)


Good Traits: Optimistic, Kind, slow to anger, hardworking, dedicated, creative, protective, deep sense of honor, gentle, passionate, reliable, forgiving, lady like.

Neutral traits: Quiet, observant, Spiritual, Assertive, good at hiding her emotions, quirky, socially awkward, has a habit of nerding out.

Bad traits: Stubborn, naïve, insecure, perfectionist, Ocd, overthinks everything, critical, easily flustered, jealous, obsessive, secretive. When overly stressed will start to retreat into herself, becoming even more quiet and reserved. Also tend to be extremely unsympathetic when fighting.

Bio: Nymph was born on the planet Tanariel, to two unprepared teenage parents. Not knowing what else to do they put Nymph up for adoption. After a few years of jumping from home to home, Nymph was adopted by the Rinzlan’s, a very noble and highly thought of family when she was seven. She was quickly welcomed into the family and loved deeply, growing especially close to her adopted father and sister. However, with this new social statues, Nymph suddenly had a multitude of expectations put upon her. Causing her to become an extreme perfectionist, especially since she was expected to not only become a knight, but be part of the crusaders, an elite group of warriors that serve directly under the royal family. Secretly Nymph dreamed of joining the Legion of Superheroes, to be like her personal hero the Black Canary and protect everyone not just those of high statues, she pushed though dreams aside though in fear of disappointing her family. The pressure eventually caused her to snap during her third knight exam, going berserk and completely destroying the target. Though she passed the trail and greatly impressed not only the crusaders, but the queen herself. Nymph felt disgusted with her actions and finally confessed to her parent how she was feelings. While they truly didn’t understand not wanting to be a knight, they agreed to allow Nymph to audition for the legion of superheroes, but only three times, if she had not succeeded by then she had to come home. After one horrible audition (she was truthfully neither mentally nor power based ready) she decided to train for a year under the guardian Grain, who has similar powers to her, in order to better harness and control her abilities. The following year she auditioned again and was accepted into the legion.


-Messing with her sleeves when nervous

- Tends to skip, hop, and dance around as opposed to walking whenever she's extremely happy

-Use’s jokes/sarcasm to hide her fear, anger, and feelings of insecurity.

- She daydreams a lot, especially when she's listening to music, which she seems to use as a way to relieve stress and escape.

-Meditates only at night, it helps her feel more spiritually connected.


-Art, mostly drawing/ panting things she sees around her. Also is skilled at using her powers to create things, such as masks, or lanterns.

-Training, works out at any chance.

-Meditation, yoga.

-Swimming, used to swim all the time back home but not as much anymore.

-Festival, parties, lives for the night.

-collecting vintage memorabilia, tea cups and old bracelets are her favorite

-Dancing, though mostly in private or with a lot of people.

-Making tea.

-Studying Mythology, and fairytales.

-Star gazing, love astrology and astronomy.


-Krin (A deadly, violent species who resides on her home planet.)

-Coffee, too bitter and unrefined in her opinion

- Being abandoned or useless (this stems from the homes she was in before being adopted)

-Loud noises

-The smell of blood, and metal.

-Those who believe social statues is the most important thing to a person.

Skills and abilities:

-Energy manipulation: Controls and manipulates energy into shields and blades. Also causes her skin to become stone like.

Crystal manipulation: Creates/ Manipulates crystals that amplifies sound waves.


-sonic scream

-Sound chains: can create chains of energy from a certain pitch

-sonar: Can locate almost things with her voice, but only with the help of her crystals

Hand to hand combat: On her home planet the main fighting style is called Krua-min, which greatly resembles a mix of Tia-chi, Capoeira, parkour, and boxing. It’s very fast and quick moving.

Flexibility, speed: Is extremely quick on her feet and is a pretty good gymnast.

Weapons: Prefers using swords, spears and throwing knifes while fighting.


-Power control: Her father believed that solely relying on one power’s was foolish, so there would be long periods of time where Nymph and her sibling’s powers would be taken away to help them train and strengthen their mind/body. Though Nymph has gotten extremely better with her powers, there are still times where she her abilities will falter.

-Sonar/Echo’s: Due to the sound locating abilities her crystal hold, foreign sounds can dissociate Aria’s perception and focus.

-Sound, her extreme sensitivity to hearing causes Nymph to experience horrible headache’s.

-Over training, will push her body to the point where she’ll faint.

-Over critical on herself tends to over analyses everything she does.

-Is easily tricked.

Other info:

-Her personal role model is the Black Canary, dreams of being as cool and skilled as her.

-Grew extremely attached to her planets fairytale’s and stories about the justice league as a way of coping as a child.

-Ginger, cherry blossom is her favorite type of tea.

-Has a major addiction to sweets and tea.

- Nymph has a deep sense of honor and moral code that she will not break no matter the situation.

-Talks in an eloquent speech, never using contraction’s. Example: I honestly did not know this fact; would you care to elaborate?

-Doesn’t train with many of the legionnaire in fear of hurting them.

-Though Nymph’s has powers based around sound, Nymph cannot sing, mainly from lose control of her powers.

- Nymph’s planet was freed by the Justice league in the twenty-first century, from the iron clad of Darkshield. Black Canary, Superman, Green Arrow, and Bertha are still huge icons on her home planet to this day.

-Still trains with Grain whenever she gets the chance.

-Her elder brother highly disapproves of Nymph joining the legion, believing she should come home and fulfill her duty as a guardian. They two got into a huge fight before she left over this fact.

- In order to help with her balance Nymphs mother enrolled her into a multitude of dance classes when she was younger. Nymph’s favorite type of dance in ballet and freeform.

-Was homeschooled until the age of 13, when she started her knight training at the academy.

-She’s two years younger than her sister, and three years younger than her brother.
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