Valkyrie Picture

Title: Balder's Shield Maiden
Height: 77 meters
Race: Asgardian
Gender: Female

Abilities: Red energy manipulation, Flight, space travel

• Nova Storm - a pulse of red energy
• Nova Rush - engulfing energy and ramming into the target
• Nova Cannon - a straight burst of red energy
• Nova fire works - a barrage of energy blasts

Current Story
Valkyrie is a newest generation of Asgardian Warriors. Asgardian's are a race of symbiotic humanoids that bind to host to fully unlock their capabilities. This was done in the past in two ways. First was binding to living host which spawned the legends of Norse mythology. The second way was creating constructs for the Asgardian to enter which spawned the countless appearances of golems. Although most would dismiss these as myth one must always keep in mind

There's always truth in legends

Valkyrie's human host was born on Mars. During the year of 2500 the event in which planets terraformed by humans had their Funa and Flora becoming monstrous in multiple attributes by what scientists call the Kaiju factor. This event cause Valkyrie being bestowed on her host Caitlin Murphy. Since her host was so young at the time Valkyrie put her host into a comatose state to use imagery training which lasted for 2 days in reality but resulted in 4 years of imagery training.

After training her host Valkyrie and her host would go to titan, Saturn's moon to help work as part of the Kaiju Prevention Security Force. This would cause Valkyrie and her host to encounter the old one Gyunder who her host would later call Zimzilla.
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