CE:: Ringmaster Seedrian Picture

Okay everyone, let's get this over with. I really entered the contest because I wanted to design a new character with a bit of an unusual theme. I've never done a Seedrian with a theme before, and I gotta say I am loving this girl!! Like the beauty of her is amazing.

So here's the reasoning in case you don't know. The contest is supposed to be a halloween themed seedrian, but they did say since Halloween is in october than we could design a fall one, so this girl is based off the CIRCUS!! So here's the explanation deal, we actually have a Circus around this time not to mention she's dark schemed, but the reason she's being submitted is because, this time you see all the outfits and costumes and stuff, so why not a ringmaster costume.

(btw I also based her a lil off well candy corn XD)
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