(OC) Sailor Eris Picture

Let me tell you a little bit about why I drew this first of all. I was simply trying to draw Sailor Moon characters using my own style instead of Naoko Takeuchi's (as opposed to my Sailor Moon: Venus and Ceres piece) while still keeping the same "feel" of the original art, if that makes sense.

Eventually I decided to start drawing up characters based on the more recently discovered planetoids in our solar system, the most commonly senshi-ed being Eris. Discovered in 2005, before Pluto got reclassified as a dwarf-planet, Eris was known as the 10th Planet before the IAU decided it was time to categories solar systems objects more specifically. Since Eris got named, people have been inventing a senshi to represent her.

So, as I was sketching away I just ended up drawing what I thought she would look like. Having done a little research into the ideas some people have for her and into the goddess herself, I started thinking what her colour scheme/symbol/etc.

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