Pretty Soldier Sailorcronus Picture


Um...yes. So I've joined another RPG. It's probably not good for me. I tend to sort of get overwhelmed by them quickly. But one of my good friends is running this one, so I can't resist! It's a BSSM RPG where...well, it's difficult to explain. There are sort of...mirrors of the original senshi...except they're legit...running around Transylvania and fighting off the villains of the third stage sera myu xD

[plug] You should all join because we only have three people right now, and because I said so : P. The link is here [link] [/plug]

This is Sailorcronus, and if her outfit and name don't give it away, she's the counterpart of Sailorsaturn Her main color is supposed to be a very light purple, bordering on periwinkle, but I don't know how much that carried. She's not supposed to ACTUALLY be Sailorsaturn...more like...a second generation the same generation. That's why her fuku is basically Saturn's with slightly different colors. The weapon...well, okay, I just couldn't break with the mythological convention that Cronus always carries a scythe/sickle. Like, everywhere I researched. I could not break this association.

So ridiculous and stupid as it is, she gets a scythe. On the bright side, she really has no idea how to handle it, and her attacks are pretty useless.

The one touch about this character I am really happy with, design-wise, is the ribbons on the scythe. It adds that weird mix of creepiness and maho-shoujo silliness I wanted.

BSSM (c) Takeuchi Naoko
Character/Art/Everything Else (c) Me
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