Responsible Picture

Still working through old photoshop files.
I've never attempted to draw space and all this, I have in a painting but that's so much easier. Anyway, here's Saturn and the description's I googled about Saturn that helped create this peace-

"Gaia was enraged by the treatment of her children by their father and begged the Cyclopes and the Titans to help her put an end to the cruel treatment. Only the Titan, Cronus, responded. Cronus lay in wait for his father and castrated him with his sickle. From Ouranos's blood sprang the Giants, a fourth race of monsters, and the Erinyes (the Furies),"

"Saturn, therefore, represents our limitations in power and control {by his rulership and its coming to an end), in confinement or isolation (by his banishment to Tartarus) and capacity (as Saturn's placement as a planet, which until modern times was the boundary of our Solar System)."

"Saturn's connection with agriculture suggests the nature of time. Seeds must be sown at their proper times and harvest can only occur when their time of fruition has occurred. Chronos is derived from the Greek word Cronus meaning "time". Cronus/Saturn represents limitations. He is the symbol for Father Time, for he brought all things to an end that have a beginning. "

The moons shown are Phoebe, Titan, Iapetus, Tethy, and Rhea.

No big critique, I got really tired of working on this and having to get adjusted to a completely new way of drawing since I moved and I now have a real desk instead of a coffee table and a bean bag squished to my chest. I know the pose is stiff but I was having such trouble with it I'm just glad it kinda came out proportionate.

Also still experimenting with backgrounds. And also working on eyes and hands instead of just pretending they don't exist.

There were several versions of this and I finally picked one at random.

Her specific anatomy has been left out on purpose. :]
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