The Crown Prince Rhakhi Picture

This gentleman with the abs is Prince Rhakhi, one of my friend's characters. He's from the same storyline as Prince Aries (….

Rhakhi is the younger brother, but he stole the throne from his brother and uncle when his father, the old king, died. The soothsayer demanded that the royal heirs hold a hunting competition, and the one who brings a certain golden deer to the palace is worthy of the throne. Rhakhi ended up winning and took the throne when he was only 16. His first act as king was to banish his brother to the neighboring land, ruled by a strange and elusive tribe of people called the Saturns.
Rhakhi had been ruling his kingdom for almost 8 years, when a mysterious accident leaves him with a broken jaw and scarred face. Many suspected Aries of being the culprit. In truth, Rhakhi inflicted his own injury in order to wage war against his elder brother and the Saturns.
But by this time, Prince Aries has learned the magic and secrets of the Saturn tribe, and his courageous young daughter, Princess Ailsa, is ready to take over the throne of the Saturn kingdom and become a ruling queen.

It's a pretty straightforward storyline, but it's also full of classic fantasy magic and monsters and stuff.
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