Kronos Picture

And now we have Kronos (Κρόνος ), the GSP counterpart of Saturn, and the one that actually started it all. This was really my first one, and as such, he's the most developed.

As you can see, Kronos has four rings around him (including the one around his neck) rather than just one, and they're suspended in midair, which hints at Kronos's new powers compared to Saturn. With this design, I expanded on Saturn's time-stopping ability and Black Hole weapon so that Kronos became a full-fledged manipulator of time and space. He can freeze everything for a longer time and can manipulate anything under a certain mass telekinetically— this involves using his rings as flying, sawblade-like weapons. The gold was inspired by the colors of the planet Saturn, and I think it worked well given the rings, too. The scythe was derived from the planetary symbol for Saturn, since in Greek mythology, Kronos, the leader of the Titans, used a scythe to subdue his father Ouranos.

As you might be able to tell, Reaper Sigma from Mega Man X4 (my favorite Sigma design) was a heavy influence on Kronos's appearance. I'm proud of my work on this one, but I wanted to revamp his appearance for personal use outside of the Mega Man teams and RPGs. If enough different people ask, I might show it to you~
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