Saturne Mythic Picture

I am currently knee deep in Blobosaur 's commission I swear one of the landscapes is so near competition and I wanted to upload it before this but this competition ends tomorrow so I had to upload this before ;-; If u want to see the commission as it is right now lemmie know, its still kinda in progress but hey. I also have KinuKito's and Derpy-bird's in the making, so 3 commissions parts are gonna be finished roughly about the same time. I am doing stuff I swear XD

For the Mythic Competition - mocchin-cafe made by Syrinq
hehehe I did Saturne and went a bit over board on the symbolism because I do astronomy and have a passion for religion and mythology woops. At least the design isn't too over bearing? XD

Inspired Features:
- Outter cloak - both represents the planet's patterns and the golden fields ready to harvest (which is significant as Saturn was the roman god of harvest and agriculture)
- Inner cloak - Darker with smoke effects as it represents how Saturn is a gas giant. Could become more stormy/smokey and less fabric if the character is angry (Saturn has an infamous hexagonal storm on the bottom of it)
- Blue accents on cloaks- Represents the aurora at Saturn's poles
- Blue moon and collar - Represents the moon Enceladus, which has geysers on it which spray ice and rock into Saturn's rings, which replenishes the rings matter
- Sashes - Represents Saturn's rings. Connected to Enceladus to represent how the rings are replenished by the moon.
- Gems hanging off sashes - Represents Saturn's icy moons. Saturn has around 62 moons so there are a lot of them. The moons are in 2 rows and in line with each other on the rows, which is done because Saturn's rings are held in place by pairs of moons that travel around together.
- Hexagon on back - Represents the hexagon shaped storm on the pole on Saturn.
- Big eye - Saturn in greek mythology was the king titan so the eye represents this as it is supposed to represent the all-seeing eye. It is also big becasue Saturn is one of the biggest planets.
- Feathered ear/tail and wings - Saturn is one of the lightest planets (it would float in water) and so I gave it some features associated with air creatures
- Chubby body - Saturn rotates so fast that it bulges out slightly, so I made the body slightly chubby
- Bracelets - Represents each of Saturn's lettered rings. The bracelets travelling away from the right hand and then down away from the left hand represents distance to Saturn (one closest to right hand is closest to Saturn). Thickness and colour is also linked to the appearances of the rings. Might have additional ring patterns painted on arms as well.
- Hourglass symbol - Possible magic type of Mocchin - Saturn in greek mythology when he rose to power gained powers over time and became known as god of time. Hence the magic hour glass effect above the head, which when used has a hexagon effect surrounding it (because storm at the pole). If powers is something we are allowed to add then I imagine it can freeze time around a creature temporarily - stopping it in its tracks. And that creature would also have the hexagon effect around it.
- Snake mask - Has a seed on the top representing him being god of harvest and agriculture. The orange of the seed surround the circle also represents the moon Titan which is Saturn's biggest moon and is known for its thick orange atmosphere. The black snake base for the mask is linked to the animal the planet Saturn represents. It actually represents lots of animals which fall under the term "black" so it covers nocturnal and hole-dwelling animals. Snakes was one animal which appeared in both instances and sources and so I modelled the mask after it.
- Tail - Other than the previously mentioned feathered feature, it is yellow (probs dipped in paint) because Saturn is known as the "Jewel" on a crown. Hence the tail and cloak being primarily yellow - representing the gold of a crown. Also it links to the harvest again.
- Mini horns - Act as a mini frame for a "crown" with the hour glass as a "central jewel" in it. (See above about why crowns are significant)

And that's my 2 bits! *que dancing exit*
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