Age of Mythology TRL - Horatius Picture

Horatius is a hero unit and the main antagonist of the "Rise of Rome" campaign of Age of Mythology: The Roman Legion. He appears similar to a Mane but with more polished bones and wearing Centurion-like armor. Though he is a skeleton, he is extremely strong and can take on a variety of units. Horatius is unique to the campaign and cannot be trained anywhere.

According to his own statements, Horatius has been fighting for a long time in many wars, learning various military tactics over his lifetime. Meaning this master strategist is practically immortal. He is however completely deranged and now solely lives to watch the world fall into chaos. He has sworn allegiance to Saturn and is even willing to die in order to fulfill the evil god's desires.

Strong against: Myth Units
Weak against:
Regular Units

Special ability
Strikes the ground with his axe, summoning 3 Manes to fight for him. Takes 20 seconds to recharge.
Capable of regenerating HP at a rate of 2 per second.


Population: 4
Hack Damage:
Crush Damage:
Hack Armor:
Pierce Armor:
Crush Armor:
3.75 meters/second
Line of Sight:
15 meters


Town Center technologies

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