Sinbad Villain: Telemus Picture

From ancient Greek mythology hails Telemus, a seer who lived amongst the Cyclopes...

Bio: Telemus hails from a world of Greek mythology. He was an aging prophet who received visions of the future, and his primary role in myth was to warn Polyphemus, the Cyclops son of Poseidon, that he would lose his eyesight because of Odysseus. He, like other "characters", was transported to the 120 Universe's Earth by the late British occultist Ted Stanley. After wandering the world for awhile, he was contacted by Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty. Providing him with food and bed, she convinced Telemus to serve her in hindering Sinbad's mission to help return the other transported literary figures to their home realities. With his visions, Telemus is able to discover some of the places Sinbad is going, and what he may end up doing, and gives the information to Briar so she can try and one up Sinbad. He serves as her passive right-hand-man, but has no strong loyalty to her herself, just his own status.

-Has semi-clear, semi-vague visions of the future that tend to come true in at least some capacity.

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