Earthshaker's children Picture

John frowned a bit at the image before him. In the spirit world one could see things, of the future or of something already happening...or as he was seeing now, the true identity of individuals. He was standing atop a large rock that was in the middle of the ocean, the sky was dark with storm clouds that rumbled with thunder. The sea roared with rage, waves crashing against the rocks and spraying his face with water. John wasn't alone though..In front of him, standing a few feet away was a young man about his age. He was tall, a little taller than John himself, with messy black hair that reached his shoulders. He wore an orange shirt that had worn out writing on it, but it was hard to tell what it said and tattered jeans. His skin was pale, which really complimented his kind of reminded him of someone from a Greek legend. Like a hero...and his eyes were really striking, the color of the sea and full of energy and power. They looked wolf-like, with an attitude that said "You think your bad? I'm much worse.." In his left hand was a bronze sword that shimmered and on the teens right hand was a a body of water forming a trident...Wait! Poseidon, the god of the sea...was this kid? As he wondered that the waves crashed again, and in the water he could see the reflection of more...beast like creatures. One looked like a animal-man thing, with wabbed hands and the head of a dog. It's skin was wet and ripped in places, its eyes glowed yellow as it snarled at him. Another wave, the mist sprayed and revealed a pinto colored stallion with a black mane, its eyes wild as it leaped up and into the sea. To the right a monstrous side wave reared up and in its body was the reflection of..a cyclops. Suddenly the sound of a roar echoed in his ears, like a large body of water being sucked in by something. In the background John could see a large whirlpool pulling everything in its path into the center...what was that? Now John knew who these people..err, well person and things were the children of Poseidon.

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