Cyclops Picture

Cyclyops were one-eye giants in Greek mythology.

The original Cyclops were Steropes,Brontes and Arges three children of Gaia the earth and Ouranos the universe.The three Cyclops were thrown into the underworld by the Titans and imprison in a place called Tartarus.Zeus rescue the cyclops and as a show of thanks the cyclops created the weapons use by the gods like Zues's thunderbolts,Poseidon's trident and Hade's helmet of darkness.

The most famous cyclops was Polyphemus who held the hero Odysseus captive.Trying to return home after the Trojan war,Odysseus landed his ship on a island to look for supplise. While he and his men were exploring Polyphemus's cave the giant return with his flock of sheep and trap Odysseus and his men eating them every once in a while.Odysseus finally escape by first telling the cyclops that his name is Nobody and offer him some wine which he accept.When the monster fell down drunk,Odysseus took a sharp stake and stab the cyclops in his eye.When the other cyclopes came to the screaming Polyphemus and ask who hurted him he replie that "Nobody hurt him"making the other cyclopes to believe that he hurt himself and left.Now blind Polyphemus guarded the caves's entrence so that no one escape except his sheeps so Odysseus told the remainder of his men to cling to the underbellies of the sheep and thus they escape.Although Odysseus was a clever man he made the mistake of taunting the monster with his true name unknowing to him that Polyphemus was the son of the water god Poseidon and has asked his father to bring misfortune on Odysseus which he struggle through out his journey back home.

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