Polypemos the Gorgonian Picture

Ancient One (rude!) and patron of the families who live at sea. Very well-liked in mythology and worshipped by many, even though most don't picture her looking quite like this. In spite of her general benevolence and fondness for humans, she still has that typical demigoddess tendancy of seeing people as playthings. Go figure!

It is said that looking her in the eyes can paralyze you and that she has mouths and ears everywhere in the ocean but then again they say a lot of things about Old Ones, don't they. And to be fair, she's not even sure she'd like to be associated with such a moniker.

I'm really quite happy with her name I think it's simultaneously two of the dumbest and best puns I've ever made

Ah yeah she's related to my Round comic if it'll ever begin.

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