Like Oddysseus, at Sea Picture

For *AzraelEvangeline's [link] contest. I distinctly remember in the Wishbone version of the Odyssea (sh-shut up!!! I'm a member of the "everything i know about classic literature I learned from wishbone" group on facebook!!!!), Poseidon, in defending his son Polyphemus, attacked Odysseus's ship-- it was totaled, his crew lost, and only himself remained. I figured I could draw Azrael's character Minya, the Leviathan, in a position resembling Poseidon and his enemy, Malta, in Odysseus's position.... though I suppose the drawing itself doesn't really radiate mythology. Ahh....

Well, worth a shot =/
I hope the Odyssea counts as a myth ahhhhh--!

Also, am I not allowed to officially ask for advanced critique unless I have a subscription now? What the frick kind of idea is that?!
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